Cloud Is The Solution

Cloud Is The Solution

When it comes time to move your business to the cloud, most decision makers have already learned the benefits of cloud computing– having your company’s IT resources in a high-availability, access-anywhere infrastructure. There is already an understanding of the ability to use multiple platforms, including phones and tablets, to access their data from work, home and on the road.

It is the next step that can define the success or failure of moving your data to the cloud– which solution best meets the needs of your company?

Hosted Applications

Also known as Published Applications. With this technology, one or more servers have your applications installed on them. End users are then presented these applications to run on their client device. This enables any supported client device to run an application remotely and securely.

The user sees just the applications he or she needs. With desktop users, the application can appear on their desktop or Start menu as if it were installed on their local machine– the fact that the application is running on a remote server is transparent to the end users.

Benefits of Hosted Applications:

  • Easy to push out applications to many users at once
  • Applications only need to be updated on the server
  • Supports the wildest array of client devices

 Recommended For:

  • Environments where end users need central access to business development applications, such as an ERP application
  • Environments with a large, diverse array of client devices


Hosted Desktop (VDI)

Also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure or VDI. With this technology each end user has their own Windows 7 (or XP or Windows 8 ) desktop in the cloud. This is roughly similar to the concept of Remote Desktops, but the newer technology offers better performance, including options for 3D graphics, dual monitor capabilities and better audio support.

With a VDI the user can open many applications in the cloud, but only be using the bandwidth for their one desktop image. With Hosted/Published applications, each application is utilizing bandwidth, as well as other local client resources, because the client has to keep each application’s video in memory.

In addition, if it does manage to catch a virus, their VDI can be safely destroyed.

Benefits of Hosted Desktop:

  • Each user has their own desktop and cannot bring down applications of other users.
  • If the user will be using multiple applications, their local and bandwidth resources are limited to just those needed for one screen.
  • Ability to quickly rebuild after a Malware infection.
  • Legacy, 32-bit and even many 16-bit applications fun fine in Windows 7, especially with the option to use 32-bit Windows 7 or even XP.
  • Hardware life increases significantly.

Recommended For:

  • Environments where a business wants to put all or most of its infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Businesses with legacy applications
  • Environments where users will be accessing more than a handful of applications in the cloud
  • Businesses where end users will be using email or browsing the internet in the cloud (due to Malware considerations)


Hosted Server

This technology will decrease the need for physical servers in your office and free up your IT department, lowering IT expenditures. Servers will be hosted within our secure Data Center space.

Benefits of Hosted Server

  • Decreases the need for on premise servers, reducing internal IT dependency
  • Scalability
  • Reduces maintenance and management costs
  • Higher level of customization
  • Ease of configuration
  • Increased security

Recommended For:

  •  Companies that have in-house servers and would like to virtualize for Disaster Recovery and Backup purposes
  • Companies that frequently lose power during storm seasons

It should be noted that there are some circumstances where a hybrid environment would be the best solution. If a company would like to virtualize desktops, but also has one or two applications that would otherwise be best as Hosted Applications, we may recommend a VDI solution for desktops, with icons on the virtual desktops linking to the applications. It would give users all the features of VDI, with the administrative benefits of centrally managing an ERP or other Hosted Applications.


If you are considering virtualizing your environment, please contact Morse Technologies to help go over all of the complexities associated with such an important decision. We will work with you to find the ideal solution to fit your business needs.

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