Hosted Desktop

The term Hosted Desktop is also known as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI.

With this technology each user has their own Windows 7 (or XP or Windows 8 ) desktop in the cloud. This is roughly similar to the concept of Remote Desktops, but the newer technology offers better performance, including options for 3D graphics and better audio support.

Morse Technologies provides a VDI solution that includes centrally stored desktop operating systems and applications. The information is stored in a virtual machine, allowing for stronger policy enforcement and tighter network security. The end user is provided a seamless transition that does not change in look or feel.

With a VDI the user can have open many applications in the cloud, but only be using the bandwidth for their one desktop image. In addition, if it does manage to catch a virus, your VDI can be safely destroyed.


  • – Legacy, 32-bit and even many 16-bit applications run fine in Windows 7, especially with the option to use 32-bit Windows 7 or XP
  • – Each user has their own desktop and cannot bring down the applications of other users
  • – If the user will be using multiple applications, their local and bandwidth resources are limited to just those needed for one screen
  • – Ability to quickly rebuild after a malware infection
  • – Branch Offices & Remote Users:  Centrally managed virtual environments, allowing for reduced technical support & management costs.
  • – Secure Mobile Computing:  External users are allowed access to their desktop, while minimizing security concerns.
  • – Un-managed Desktops:  Restricted access can be allowed for third-party contacts, allowing for secure collaboration.
  • – Operating Systems Migrations:  Time and complexity of establishing new machines is reduced, with a simple transition for the user.
  • – Application Migration & Updates:  Application downtime is eliminated during migrations and updates.
  • – Regulatory Compliance:  Easily track and monitor application usage and data access.


Recommended For:

  • – Environments where a business wants to put all or most of its infrastructure in the cloud
  • – Businesses with legacy applications
  • – Environments where users will be accessing more than a handful of applications in the cloud
  • – Businesses where end users will be using email or browsing the internet in the cloud (due to malware considerations)



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