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Non-Profit IT Solutions

“Get Morse for Good” is Morse Technologies’ non-profit campaign to educate and convert organizations in the state of Massachusetts and beyond to the Cloud – specifically to Office 365 and related services... Morse Technologies will provide solution which includes:

  • – Microsoft Office 365
  • – Network Management
  • – Desktop Management and Security
  • – Critical Service and Application Monitoring
  • – Help Desk Support
  • – Server Virtualization
  • – Virtual PC
  • – Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery
  • – and more

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Auto Dealers IT Solutions

Auto dealerships ultimately sell automobiles, yet the role of a dealership has morphed from utilitarian to all-service. Your sales team needs mobile solutions (often tablets) while on the lot and in the showroom to give instantaneous answers. Guests waiting on auto service expect entertainment options, including Wi-Fi, video, music, food and more. Morse Technologies sets dealerships up for success and satisfaction with the technology backbone needed to exceed expectations.

Healthcare IT Solutions

Healthcare organizations face ever-increasing demands and expectations, along with the challenge of keeping within already tight budgets and resources. Morse Technologies’ specialized program will provide value to your healthcare facility, allowing employees to focus on what is truly important

  • – Provide better patient care
  • – Reduce errors
  • – Save time
  • – Eliminate processes that don’t add value.

Manufacturing IT Services

Eliminating downtime and productivity-inhibitors, combined with continuous evaluation of business continuity and information technology goals, allows Morse Technologies to maximize the value creative IT solutions can bring to your manufacturing company.

Morse Technologies will provide your manufacturing company with a single solution which includes:

  • Email Archive
  • Secure Email
  • Business Continuity with Disaster Recovery
  • Storage Management
  • SPAM Filtering
  • Virus Protection
  • Malware and Spyware Protection
  • PC Maintenance
  • Desktop Management and Security
  • Critical Service and Application Monitoring
  • Help Desk Support
  • Server Virtualization
  • Virtual PC

Process and Information Technology improvements enable you to reduce downtime, increase productivity and offer more value to your customer, thus developing a keener competitive advantage. Taking advantage of existing information technology and creating a scalable, agile environment allows your manufacturing organization to adapt to growth and changing needs.

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