Microsoft Office 365 & Azure VDI

A cloud-based service that combines Office, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange.

  • Powerful Admin Page– The simplicity of the administrative page allows Morse Technologies to easily manage users and configure Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync Online Services.
  • Catch and Solve Issues before They Begin– With the “Service Status” feature, Morse Technologies engineers can monitor the Microsoft 365 Services to help contain any potential issues.
  • Outlook Web Application- Offers most of the features found in the desktop application, including right-click access to several functions, calendar and scheduling capabilities, and the ability to view the online status of colleagues with the functionality of incorporating Lync Online (Instant Messages or full meetings).
  • Office Plus- Provides several options to share documents that reside in a SharePoint Online Team Site.
  • Azure services – Solve your business problems with proven combinations of Azure services and related products. Whether you’re just beginning in the cloud, or have years of experience developing cloud-based applications, we’ll help you get started with sample architectures, documentation, and partner resources.


A multi-purpose tool for collaboration, social networking, and business intelligence. Share documents through a safe and secure SharePoint Online Team Site.

  • – View and edit documents through different browsers or on its native application, robustly.
  • – Work on documents offline and then synchronize the changes when a connection becomes available.
  • – Keep track of authors for each document and which colleagues made what specific changes.
  • – Options to invite users from outside your organization using external email addresses.
  • – Flexible and changeable rules determine where documents are stored.
  • – Fast Search product allows employees to search for one another by title, interest and other criteria based on each employee’s professional profile through My Sites.
  • – InfoPath application allows users to design forms that make entering data into SharePoint lists easier.
  • – Integrate your Outlook calendar to synchronize with your SharePoint calendar.

Unified Communications; Lync

Microsoft’s new version of Office Communication Server.

  • – Easy to use and works well with the devices you use every day, remotely.
  • – Displays an active feed of contacts, much like a Facebook news feed.
  • – Instant Messaging features with colleagues.
  • – Quickly create meetings with the capability of video and application sharing.
  • – Conference calls/meetings allow flexible switching among devices during conferences. Start the session on your office phone or web cam using VOIP and switch to your mobile device easily.
  • – View other colleagues’ schedules, numbers, email, etc. by viewing their profile or hovering over their name.
  • – Includes VOIP (Voice over IP) phone calls and High Definition video calls.
  • – Improved administrative interface for engineers to easily adjust server and user settings.


A better, faster, more efficient email/messaging platform.

  • – Access email from any browser
  • – Mac friendly
  • – Much faster than Exchange 2007, requiring a 64-bit system
  • – Self-service through the web interface allows you to change settings including vacation replies and anti-spam settings.
  • – If Exchange is connected with Lync, you can receive Voice Mail through email. Exchange 2010 uses voice recognition to put the text in an email with the incoming recorded voice mail.
  • – Conversation View allows you to thread together all messages in a conversation into a single view.

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What more we offer

Managed IT Services

Manged IT Services & Solutions

Morse Technologies takes pride in our engineer’s expertise in all things IT.

– IT Health Assessment
– Network Management
Server Management
Essential IT
Disaster Recovery
– Data Cabling Solution

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Do you have the budget, skills or resources to have inhouse experts devoted solely to cybersecurity?

You may have employees who handle cybersecurity along with other general IT responsibilities, but that’s not enough. We can help with:
– Cyber Security Consulting,  Monitoring & Support


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Morse Technologies provides secure and redundant cloud services Nationwide.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Management
Private Cloud Hosting
– Cloud Storage & Backup
– Cloud Disaster Recovery
– Failover Solution
– Microsoft 365 & Azure VDI
– Amazon Web Services (AWS)
– In House Virtualization


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IT Consulting

Morse Technologies has shifted the focus of IT from a cost-driven business function. We provide customizing IT solutions around business strategies.

– Virtualization
– Disaster Recovery
– Network Management
– Business Continuity
– Network Security
– Server Management



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Get it all IT Solutions
  • Morse Technologies specializes in on-premise and cloud managed services.
  • Morse Technologies 5 core competencies or services include the following:
  • Managed Services; Cyber Security; Amazon Web Services (AWS); Backup and Disaster Recovery; Wireless Technologies; Helpdesk.
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Get a custom IT Solution IT Consulting
  • Morse Technologies has shifted the focus of IT from a cost-driven business function.
  • We provide customizing IT solutions around business strategies.
  • Virtualization, disaster recovery, business continuity, network security, voip, data backup, and desktop management
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