Desktop Management- Security from outdated systems

Desktop Management- Security from outdated systems

Security from outdated systems

By: Ross Davis

The newest virus is out. It affects Java run-times, and exploits outdated versions of the software. In response Java has already released patches to fix the issue that this virus takes advantage of, so as long as your company’s computers are up to date with the latest version of Java your company should be fine. But can you be sure that all of your computers are up to date?

You could check all of the desktops, and laptops in your company to be sure, but this could be a painstaking process that could take far too long, and leave your employees annoyed at the intrusion. If you have a desktop management service however, such as the one that Morse Technologies offers; a software update could be pushed to all of the computers on your network. Diffusing the threat of a virus, and ensuring that every computer in your company is now safe.

Its important to make sure that computers, and the software they run are always up to date. But you probably don’t want updates running immediately when they become available. Often times, especially with system updates, that require a restart, which can be an annoyance when trying to work. This is why Morse Technologies offers scheduled updating of computers off of business hours. This ensures that non-emergency updates are installed, and ready for when your employees come in the next day.

You may not realize it, but commonly required programs are often exploited by viruses. Programs like Java, and Flash are targeted because of their usage by nearly all PCs. These programs are not flawless, which is one reason they are updated frequently. Even the Windows OS is susceptible to attack, and is updated frequently. Don’t let your company’s computers be susceptible to attacks because of outdated software. Desktop management services should be a crucial part of your company’s IT network.

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