Small Business Security: Why It Matters

Small Business Security: Why It Matters

According to a recent StaySafeOnline survey of 1,000 small-to-medium-sized businesses, many small business owners (SBOs) remain largely unconcerned with the security of their business. The biggest contributors to this trend are claims of limited resources for IT and ignorance of the essentiality of a solid IT infrastructure. Shockingly, when asked, “who is responsible for online and cybersecurity?”, 66% of survey participants responded “myself.” The biggest security concerns held by SBOs are viruses (24%), spyware/malware (14%), and loss of data (10%), but many SBOs report an extreme shortage of clarity about their best protection options. Fewer numbers claimed that they don’t believe an investment in security would yield significant return, while some used lack of time as an excuse for neglecting to adopt any security solution.

Over three quarters of the respondents said that having strong cybersecurity and online safety posture is good for their company’s brand, and additionally, over half reported that losing Internet access for 48 continuous hours would be disruptive to their business. This being said, there is still something propelling the lack of IT adoption. With a majority of small businesses reporting that 76-100% of employees use the Internet daily, these businesses are taking enormous risks by neglecting to implement proper security and data protection plans.

It’s probable that many SBOs have decided against bringing aboard IT personnel because the financial investment in in-house IT employees and costly resources is unrealistic when considering company budget. Fortunately, far less expensive alternatives do exist. Outsourcing IT not only saves small businesses the costs of expensive IT resources, it saves companies the hassle of personally managing IT altogether, so that business can run as seamlessly as before—only more secure. A managed services provider will ensure that your email security and email archiving are up-to-date; meanwhile, the responsibilities of network management and network monitoring will be entirely out of your hands.

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