The Business Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

The Business Benefits of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based, secure repository of information in which companies can store and share important business documents. The solution is web-based and can be accessed inside a company’s firewall as an intranet or via an Internet web portal that prompts users to enter login information for access. Anything that can be put into document form can be uploaded to SharePoint—common examples include HR and marketing documents, employee training resources, and inventory records. SharePoint can integrate up-to-date, built-in formulas that allow users to see real-time data in Excel format, simply by sending spreadsheets to the web.

How Can My Business Benefit from SharePoint?

The business advantages of Microsoft SharePoint are truly countless. For starters, SharePoint facilitates completely secure sharing of information. It can help your company remain compliant, as it meets compliance regulations for SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

One of Microsoft SharePoint’s most attractive features is that it provides businesses with the opportunity to achieve greater control. With SharePoint, you control which individuals or groups have access to particular data down to the file level. Moreover, you can assign privileges depending on the user—for instance, one individual may be given read-only privileges, while another has the ability to edit files. Editing is secure as SharePoint keeps a history of changes made to documents. This way, there is a record of how and when a file is altered, and most importantly, by whom. Because SharePoint is web-based, access doesn’t have to be limited to employees; the public can have access to shared documents via the Internet if you so choose. In fact, you can run entire websites on the SharePoint server.

SharePoint facilitates increased organization with a simple-to-use, highly organized data and file management system.  It is tailored to individuals and easily configurable. You can change views, headings, and fonts to align with your brand or messaging and provide users with the feel you desire. Perhaps most importantly, SharePoint encourages knowledge through sharing. It gives employees the opportunity to understand the company on a deeper level and to remain up-to-date about what’s happening within the company. For times when Internet access isn’t an option, SharePoint has a desktop component that gives you access to content without having to connect to a network at all.

As if all of the abovementioned weren’t enough, Microsoft SharePoint is entirely searchable. The information you need is just a keystroke away with the solution’s searchability feature, making important files instantly retrievable and thus saving you valuable time. There are dozens of other neat features, such as the Vacation Request Workflow, which allows employees to request time off and provides automatic notification when management approves or rejects the request.

Certainly, investing in SharePoint is a smart business decision for companies of all sizes. For more information about the advantages of implementing SharePoint for your business, Morse Technologies is glad to help.

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